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Why Mentor Match is better

Regular Tuition

Fixed teaching pattern

Learn at class pace

Massive Batches

Fixed time

Expensive fee

Mentor Match Way

Tailor made learning

Learn at your own pace

1-on-1 Undivided attentions

Timing flexibility

Affordable prices
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Meet Our Tutors

Shivam DahiyaScienceIIT Madras
Sagar NagaphorChemistryIIT Madras
Omer Farooq AhmedPhysicsIIT Madras
Abhinav GargChemistryIIT Madras
Javvaji RithishChemistryIIT BHU
Aaditi TheteMathsIIT Bombay
Sagar NagaphorChemistryIIT Madras
Abhinav GargChemistryIIT Madras
Aaditi TheteMathsIIT Bombay
Shivam DahiyaScienceIIT Madras
Kunal Pratap SinghChemistryNIT Rourkela

To ensure the highest quality. The Mentor Match programme
accepts only the TOP 1% OF MENTORS. your child deserves only the Best

What you get with Mentor Match

Subjects We Offer

  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Physics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Biology
  • Biology
  • Social
    Social Science
  • Biology

The Stats Speaks For Themselves

1,15,000+ Students
14+ Boards
2,400+ Mentors
4.7 Rating

What people are saying

"I no longer have to pester my son to study, and my relationship with him has improved drastically"

Rachna Bathija

Veer's Mom

"Mentor Match helped me improve my concentration as there are no distractions while studying"

Shiv Chabbria

11th Std

Mentor Match has helped me bring up my grades from 45% to 95% in just a few weeks!


10th Std

"I never thought I could finish studying and have extra time for other activities"

Veer Bhatija

11th Std

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How will I get matched with the mentor?

We will first understand your needs during a FREE consultation call, and then we will create a personalised group for you to connect with your mentor

How will the study planner look?

Following the first session, the mentor will determine the best timetable for you based on your strengths and weaknesses

How many times can I postpone the session?

Once the session date has been confirmed, you can only postpone it twice per month if you notify the mentor on the confirmed date.

Will the unused sessions get carried over?

Yes, unused sessions will get carried over.

Will I be able to take 2-3 sessions per day?

Yes, multiple sessions can be scheduled as per your needs and mentor availability.

How many doubts can a student ask post 1 hour session in a personalised group?

5-7 doubts (If you want the 24/7 Doubt Module, here is the link. You don't need to buy this module if you have subscribed to our 6-month or 1-year “1-on-1 private tuition module”, it is included.)

What will be the session length?

The session length will be 1 hour

Will I get class notes and assignments?

Yes, the mentor will give you notes and tasks for you to do based on their teaching methods.