Meet The Team

Rohit Raheja

CEO & Co-Founder

Rayhaan Shaik

CMO & Co-Founder

Sachit Dugar

COO & Co-Founder

Aditya Varma

Chief People Officer

Diya Chandhok

Operations Executive

Riya Nagendra

Head Illustrator

Utkarsh Singhania

Head of Technology

Allen Shane

Tech Lead

Shankhin Bhardwaj

Operations Associate

Zubayer Wasit

Head of Growth

Muhammad Imaad

Junior Marketing Associate

Harsh Chauhan

Performance Marketer

Tajudeen Nurudeen

Full Stack Developer

Rudr Thakur

Full Stack Developer

Muhammed Malik

UI/UX Designer

Yoganand Sg

HR Executive

Daksh Dudhat

Product R&D Executive

Niranjana Rajasekaran

Operations Intern

Richa Saxena

Academic Specialist

Mamta Bharti

Academic Specialist

This could be you!

Our team's exes

Our team members have worked at some crazy companies.

Another way to say that is our team has had some pretty crazy exes.

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