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Sagar NagaphorChemistryIIT Madras
Abhinav GargChemistryIIT Madras
Aaditi TheteMathsIIT Bombay
Shivam DahiyaScienceIIT Madras
Sagar NagaphorChemistryIIT Madras
Abhinav GargChemistryIIT Madras
Aaditi TheteMathsIIT Bombay
Shivam DahiyaScienceIIT Madras
Kunal Pratap SinghChemistryNIT Rourkela
Richa SaxenaBiologyDEI Agra
Shubhangi GuptaBiologyBhoj University
Veena RaniPhysicsPunjabi University
Fareed UddinPhysicsCSJM University
Richa SaxenaBiologyDEI Agra
Kunal Pratap SinghChemistryNIT Rourkela

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What people are saying

This was so quick and efficient, I'm so glad I tried this out.

Shaleen Bansal

12th Standard Student

I used to struggle to clear my questions through YouTube, but I easily understood everything from the Tutor. Thank you Mentor Match.


8th Standard Student

My questions got solved instantly and i can attempt questions of the same kind now.

Atharva Gupta

9th Standard Student

I don't think my questions have ever been answered so well before. Absolute 5 ‚≠ź!

Karthik Vel

11th Standard Student

It's like the Uber of learning!

Pavithra S

11th Standard Student

Loved the real life examples used to explain the solution.This is awesome.

Nakul Bajaj

10th Standard Student

Huge thanks to my Tutor.I was taught the solution in perfect clarity, very easy to follow.

Shehzad Khan

10th Standard Student

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How do I ask a question?

Once you download the app, fill in your basic details. You can then take a photo of your question and you'll be matched with a tutor instantly!

How do I get connected with my Tutor?

Once you ask your question, just sit back and relax and we'll find the best tutor for you! You can then learn in-depth on your 1-on-1 video call. (Don't worry, your camera is automatically turned off)

I'm a bit introverted. Do I have to speak?

We completely understand. By default, your camera will always be turned off. If you don't feel like talking on the call, you don't have to! Simply text in the chatbox as the Tutor explains in real time. Video off, mic off, learning on!

How long does it take to get connected to a Tutor?

It generally takes 99 seconds to get connected to a Tutor. (Please bear with us if it takes a little longer than that, we're always searching for your perfect match!)

Is my number shared with the Tutor?

No, your privacy is our priority. We keep your information safe!

Is my information safe with Mentor Match?

We respect the privacy of each and every individual. Your personal information stays with us and is not shared with anyone.

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